Vertebrace® Bend Restrictors

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A Bending Restrictor is designed to prevent the over bending of power, array and communications cables as well as umbilicals.

BMP's Vertebrace Bend Restrictor System consists of reticulated, interlocking polyurethane mouldings which permit bending to a pre-determined locking radius when the cable or umbilical is subjected to external loading. A Vertebrace Bend Restrictor is typically deployed at the interface between flexible and rigid structures such as J-Tubes to protect cables and umbilicals from damage due to peripheral stresses. Vertebrace Bend Restrictors are manufactured in a split design enabling easy on deck installation and assembly on to cables and umbilicals from lay vessels or barges.

A Vertebrace Bend Restrictor is fully modular in design and can be incorporated seamlessly into BMP's other subsea protection products such as ProShell ducting and Proteus Bend Stiffeners.

BMP maintains a substantial technical and engineering resource offering a turnkey cable protection solution from design, steelwork elements, polymer moulding through to testing and validation. BMP routinely employs Finite Element Analysis software such as Ansys and is able to provide detailed, supporting design criteria to its clients.

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