Cable Crossing Systems

ProSpace® is a seabed spacing solution that BMP has developed which provides a positive 350mm clearance between cables and pipelines/flowlines. ProSpace® is an extremely flexible subsea spacing system that is modular and designed as a series of interlocking half-shells in a spoke void pattern which are secured in position by corrosion resistant metallic bands. Each half shell floods on deployment and can be further ballasted by the inclusion of system fillers providing the desired weight for the particular application.

ProMat® - Seabed mattresses provide protection and stabilisation to cables lying on the seabed. Manufactured from a high density marine grade Polyurethane system and can be supplied in a range of sizes. They are deployed at cable intersection points, and over areas of rough terrain, ProMat® is highly abrasion resistant, providing an impact resistant barrier between cable/flowline at the crossing intersection.

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