Cable Protection System (CPS)

BMP (along with their partners, First Subsea) have designed a cost effective and efficient CPS (Cable Protection System) utilising in-house PU expertise.

The properties of ProShell cable protection have been used to develop Pro-Tube : a simple tubular solution for quick and easy installation on board cable lay vessels or prior to deployment.

Using sectionalised elements, the lengths of ProTube can be optimised for any project specific requirement.

Simple connection collars allow for easy adjustment of length depending on scour pit, touch-down point, burial point etc. Suitable for both J-tube and monopile installation, ProTube can be adapted to any offshore wind requirement.

Using experience gained from supply into the oil and gas sectors, BMP have optimised materials and designs to suit the requirements of the offshore wind sector, where quick, simple installation is required in order to meet stringent deadlines.

The connection to either the monopile or J-tube is by means of First Subsea's patented ball and taper technology which provides a proven, quick and reliable method well known in the industry.

Features and Benefits

  • Polyurethane cable protection design as proven in offshore oil and gas for similar applications
  • Optimised for easy on-deck handling and installation with sectionalised design
  • Easily extendable and easily installed using tried and tested industry methods
  • Patented ball and taper connector with a track record of over 700 installations worldwide
  • For J-tubes or monopiles with no modifications required
  • Diver-less and ROV-less installation ready
  • High quality corrosion resistant materials and coatings
  • CPS can be dis-connected via ROV release tool
  • Cost-effective design and materials

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