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Subsea Cable Protection System

BMP's ProShell Urethane Ducting System is designed to protect power, array and telecommunications cables as well as umbillicals.

Cable Protection Illustration

ProShell is usually deployed in subsea environments where the cable or umbilical cannot be buried and may be exposed to marine vessel damage, fishing activity, rock outcrops, cable and flowline crossing points. ProShell provides a technically robust and cost effective solution compared to rock dumping or Pre-Cast Concrete Mattresses.

ProShell Urethane Ducting is designed as interlocking tubular half shells moulded in a high grade marine polyurethane system. Flexible tooling design allows BMP's ProShell Urethane Ducting System to accommodate a wide variety of cable diameters from 15mm fibre optic cables through to bundled umbillicals up to 350mm diameter. For ease of handling and logistics, ProShell is typically manufactured in lengths from 500, 1,500 and 2,000mm.

ProShell Urethane Ducting System is easily assembled on deck, with each modular section interlocking and held in position by pre-cut subsea banding such as Inconel 625 and Titanium. ProShell is manufactured with a high grade surface finish facilitating easy deployment from lay vessels and barges.

BMP provides a full turnkey supply offering from design, material selection, Finite Element Analysis moulding, validation/testing through to the supply of banding and associated installation equipment.

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