Piggyback Clamps, Guides & Saddles

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Piggy Back Clamps, Guides & Saddles are utilised where smaller secondary cables or pipelines require support when attached to a main pipeline. The clamp usually comprises of a two piece saddle moulded from polyurethane, SBR or polyethylene incorporating an axial split to locate the ancillary pipes.

Piggyback Clamps are typically positioned at regular intervals along a riser or seabed flow-line in order to accommodate secondary cables or smaller diameter flow-lines. BMP's Proteus Piggy Back Clamps are installed and held in position on 'mother' flow-lines by the use of corrosion resistant banding such as Inconel 625 or Titanium. Proteus Piggy Back Clamps are suitable for use on polymer flowlines and concrete coated pipes.

BMP provides a full turnkey supply offering from design, material selection, Finite Element Analysis moulding, validation/testing through to the supply of banding and installation equipment.

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