Pin & Box End Protectors

Pin & Box End Protectors are manufactured from an advanced polyurethane elastomer system designed to prevent damage to drill riser interfaces. Easily installed over drill riser ends, BMP's Pin & Box End Protectors provide a high impact resistant, profiled envelope protecting critical surface interfaces from transport, storage, deployment and accidental impact damage.

Relatively light in weight and moulded from a bespoke abrasion resistant polyurethane, BMP's Pin & Box End Protectors offer a cost effective solution over traditional steel protectors. BMP's Pin & Box End Protectors can be colour coded for easy identification together with integral identification marking which can be moulded into the finished component.

Designed to be re-used over many cycles, BMP's Pin & Box End Protectors are hard wearing, abrasion and corrosion resistant and suitable for external storage in the open.

BMP offers a complete design service and can develop a protection solution for any type of riser profile.

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